Monday, 24 June 2013

Afrikan towns of South America

African Towns of South America It is suspected that Africans were in America centuries before Europeans showed their faces. There are dozens of place names with African roots (Mandinga, Guineo, Congo) that are hard to explain away by slavery. Only people of power or influence can name places. How come slaves were able to give the name of their ethnic group to so many places? VENEZUELA El Congo, Hacienda El Congo, Lago El Congo EL SALVADOR El Congo (El Salvador), Municipio de El Congo El Congo in Santa Ana Río Mandinga PANAMA El Congo Quebrada El Congo Ubigantupo Mandinga San Blas Mandinga in Herrera Cerro Mandinga Isla Mandinga NICARAGUA Cerro El Congo, Punta El Congo, Lomas El Congo, Cerro El Congo, Cañon El Congo, Río Congo El Congo in Chinandega ECUADOR El Congo Mandinga, Punta El Congo, Guayas COLUMBIA El Congo, Hacienda El Congo, Quabrada del Congo, Lomas El Congo Hacienda Mandinga Mandinga Airport MEXICO El Congo, Mandinga Oaxaca Mandinga de Agua Cerros de Mandinga Laguna Mandinga Grande El Congo, Durango DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Loma El Congo, El Congo Arroyo Congo Mandinga, Santo Domingo Mandinga in San Cristoba El Congo in La Altagracia Loma el congo BOLIVIA Arroyo del Congo Bajío del Congo Chuquisaca, Mandinga Cadena Mandinga Cordillera de Mandinga CUBA EL Congo Mandinga in Cienfuegos, Congo in Granma HONDURAS Mandinga BRAZIL Congo Pariaba ARGENTINA Mandinga, Corrientes Mandinga Mine CHILE Mandinga, COSTA RICA Congo Hills Bajo Congo in Cartago PARAGUAY El Congo PERU Mandinga Other place names of African origin (guineo) Mata Guineo, Panama El Guineo, Panama Mata de Guineo, Cartago, Costa Rica El Guineo: Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Mata de Guineo Quineo Honduras El Guineo in Petén, Guatemala El Guineo Weather, Dominican Republic El Guineo, Columbia Lago de Guineo, USA Guineo Grande Ecuador El Guineo El Salvador El Salvador, El Guineo Panama La vega del guine, Honduras Arroyo los guineos – Columbia El Guineo , Mexico El Guineo Cabanas, El Salvador El Guineo Peru Cerro Guineo, Peru Sierra de Guineo, Venezuela Quebrada El Guineo, Venezuela Lago El Guineo, Puerto Rico El Guineo, Guatemala. El Guineo , Mexico. Río El Guineo Nicaragua Caño El Guineo, Nicaragua El Guineo Paraguay

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